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International Instructors School!

Updated: May 19, 2020

Progressive Studies University in cooperation with International Sports Federations , created professional courses for sports instructors in order to provide high level and competitive education!

The educational program of the "International Istructor School" consists of 2 parts. The theoretical and the practical part. The Theoretical courses will take place through an e-learning platform where the student will be able to experience online lessons taught by our most skilled professors in Sports Management - Anatomy of Human Body - Physiology and Kinesiology - Sports Nutrition - Emergency Care and First Aid - Sports Psychology - Sports Massage and Athletic Injuries. All these courses will be delivered at the students own comfort through e-learning regardless of his/hers country. At the end of the theoretical part, the examinations will take place. There is a procedure to be followed, as an observer from the Greek embassy shall be present.

The practical part will follow in Greece where students will have the chance to experience the practical part of the training in a 7-day campus in Greece. Students will take classes of 6 hours per day for 5 days, taught by the most experienced instructors in the sport that the students have chosen, while the exams of the practical courses will occur on the 6th day.

The total cost of the school is 1980 euro and will be divided in two parts a. theoretical which costs 900 euro (15 lessons x 60 euro each) and b. practical which costs 1080 euro and includes: Courses fee, Examination fee, University Professional Diploma, Graduation Ceremony, Airport pick up, Accommodation for 7 days, 3 meals per day.

You can find the registration form here

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